Recording a 9 holes round when its not the first 9

Posted almost 4 years ago by Justin Bate

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Justin Bate

My home course you can play 9 holes on but its not the first 9.... Ie.... you play the first 6 but then come back on the 16th-18th.... I've played loads of these but even though golf pad recognises i've only played 9 holes it doesn't use any of these ratings... Surely my home course is not the only course that does this?

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Thanks for posting. In the app, you can choose "course incorrect" (iPhone) or "report a problem" (Android) and choose "swap front and back nines". This allows you to change the order of the holes. I think this should solve your dilemma. If not, please let me know.  Thanks for being a part of the Golf Pad community! It means a lot. - Cindy

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