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Posted almost 4 years ago by Bryan Becker

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Bryan Becker

I have 2 requests for "tournaments". 1. Best Ball option - we dont need to track individual scores and I don't want the score to account towards my handicap (I know you can mark it that way) but this would automatically not count it. 2. Real-time tournament - We have a in championship each year. If every group had at least 1 person keeping score on GolfPadGPS that can be correlated and we could get real-time updates as rounds are played. This would also encourage more people to buy ur product.

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Jonathan Andersen posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi Bryan,

I think Golf Pad Events would be a great addition to your yearly championship. You can set these Best Ball parameters and so much more within our free golf tournament management software. It's aimed to help anyone who organizes golf tournaments, from small groups of friends to professional directors and golf clubs.

You can access Golf Pad Events at Once here, select Get Started. You can login here with your Golf Pad account, if you have one. If you don't have a username and password you can create one by selecting the sign up button.

Once logged in, you can create one or more events, add participants, set up format, teams and other details. The full list of existing and upcoming features is available here. We are also preparing detailed how-to guides and will publish them on our support portal.

Our Golf Pad team is currently working on integration between the Golf Pad app and Golf Pad Events. This feature will sync the two so scores posted in the app will be linked to a specific Event, thus enabling live scoring.

I’ve sent you an email directly, so we can discuss any specific questions you may have.


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