Heatmap for Hole shown for Birdies/Pars for the course

Posted about 4 years ago by The.salmonaxe

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 It takes a bit of hunting but i know you can get to the statistics of where you hit your shots and see if its a birdie or par.

Only on mobile it seems, which is fine it is when i need it on the course,

Statistics -> courses -> "Course Name" -> Map View / club selection /etc...

But sometimes you don't play a course, and maybe you can have many people's averages filling in the details. Or you would just like to see what is most sensible to do. A heat map of shot location on a hole from the drive would be great to see.

Show on the hole map the best position to be in for the lowest score on average, maybe there is a tree in the path on the right and if you are behind it you have no shot or something; or the carry of the water is too challenging so you need to keep right.

What i would like to see is when I'm on the teebox, what the optimal position is on the map through the toggle of an overlay when in map view on the hole. Par 5 and 4's this should be for the tee shot only, par 3's would probably be something similar but more in the centre of the green with some outliers. Maybe if its a tricky green it would show that you probably need to keep to the left or right to avoid your ball running off or something.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi the.salmonaxe - this is a great suggestion. We appreciate the feedback. I'll be sure the development team has a change to review for consideration as a future update. - Cindy

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