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Enter hole locations

My course has 5 different home location setups. I think it would be nice if I could enter those locations on the website. When starting a new round in the app I then could just select 1-5 for the setup of the day, or just 0 to get distance to middle of the green. This would also make putting statistics better, since the distance with each put would (most of the time) decrease and not give weird numbers because the hole is not in the middle.

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Hello Jan - I confirmed, this is something we have planned for future implementation. Thanks for adding your vote on this suggestion. I don't have a firm timeline. Keep an eye on updates to ensure you have access as soon as it's available! - Cindy

I was thinking about editing the golf course like I can add a new one via Golf Scout. Just add the option to enter different locations on the green. Most of the courses provide an overview about the pin locations on the score card, so adding it should not be too hard or time consuming for the home course.

I know I can mark the flag, but then I'm already on the green and don't need the distance anymore. For a pitch shot it can make a difference to have 110m or just 90m to the flag, depending on where the pin is on this particular day. 

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Hello Jan - thanks for your post. Do you mean 5 different "hole" locations? Right now, we don't have website editing available. I'm sure you've seen that you can mark the flag in the app, as explained here. We do have updates to this feature planned to make things easier in the future. I'll be sure to pass your suggestion to the team for consideration. Keep the feedback coming! We appreciate it. - Cindy

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