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Free trial request (and also new ticket bug)

I want to request a free trial for me to try it on galaxy active watch. I am currently using swingu, but if it is good enough i want to make the switch.


your site has a bug where i can't write up new support ticket.

Submit a ticketLiquid error: undefined method `html_safe' for nil:NilClass

I would like to request a trial please
I would like to request the premium trial to try on my watch, can I get a trial of premium? Help ticket takes me in a loop.

Could I also get a free trial code please. App definitely looks good, but want to check it out properly.

Can I also get a free trial code as well to try with my Samsung Watch3? I also put in a ticket but figured why not post here. I'm playing in 8 hours, hopefully I am able to get a response before then (Hoping)

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