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Map view on watch

Hello...just started using the app, but enjoying it very much.  The only thing lacking from some other premium watches / apps is map view on the watch...Is there any plans to get the map view visable on a Samsung watch (Active2)?

Many thanks.

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I agree with the others…. This one is a huge selling feature to see the hole view. Pretty important to not have to pull out the phone. (Apple Watch)

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We are probably there already, right Cindy? :-)

+1 for the aerial view on the watch, any news, sounds like it has been thought about for some time

Hi Cindy It's been over 2 years now. Loads of time to develop the app. Maybe a time line or a flat out "we won't be doing it" Cheers.
This feature would be great. Should be one of your top priorities if im honest. Similar apps do this.

+1! Love the app, but having to get my phone out to see the map and distance to a layup is a pain.  Really looking forward to having the map on the watch.  

I agree! I saw the  Samsung Watch 4 with Golf Buddy and they have this exact feature. You do not have to pull out your phone to see the map with a range finder. I would really love this feature.

this is extremely important. do yiu guys have an update. we have to use golf buddy for now because of the lack of map view

Thanks all for your recent comments. We understand the importance and are taking steps in our development plan to make it available. - Cindy

Hi Cindy It's been over 2 years now and still no update on this. Between the aerial view on the watch not done yet and the app freezing on the watch, what updates are actually happening?
I have a feeling that this won't be happening soon. Distance to hazards has been a huge undertaking and demanded lots of human resources. That means that the development team focused on that and not on map view. Considering this task is also vast, its fullfilment will take time. Maybe some time next year would be my guess (and of course I sincerely hope I am wrong and the team will surprise me in a month :-)

Matej - I really appreciate your understanding of the situation. Your estimate may be accurate, but we will do our best to surprise you. 

Hi I like the App. Is there any chance to use it with Huawei watts? Please Thanks Samir

Hi Samir - not at this time. Here's a list of Golf Pad compatible watches

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