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Map view on watch

Hello...just started using the app, but enjoying it very much.  The only thing lacking from some other premium watches / apps is map view on the watch...Is there any plans to get the map view visable on a Samsung watch (Active2)?

Many thanks.

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Hello Matej and Roger - we agree, this feature is high on our list of priorities. Currently, we are finishing up standalone mode for the recently launched Wear OS3, which is another high priority. After that, map view is likely the next project we tackle. We appreciate your continued feedback. We'll post an announcement as soon as new features launch. 

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Was thinking of this just the other day as well!!
Hi Cindy, anything new? With 11 upvotes this topic is quite hot....:-)

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Hi Matej - not yet! We are still hoping for later this year. Juggling many different priorities and features. Thank for asking and for being a long time Golf Pad user! - Cindy

Cindy hi, anything new on this feature? I agree that it would be awesome, since it would enable better course management.

Course/hole map for watch (specifically Samsung) is definitely the feature I most want to see. I purchased premium after reading something that made me think it would unlock this feature, but sadly found out that wasn't the case. I tend to often play courses I'm not familiar with, so being able to touch target areas and get distances to a dog leg or hazard or something like that is huge for me, as I otherwise don't know. Of course I can do it on my phone, but really like to stick to the watch alone for simplicity's sake.


Just ending my free trial and I will most probably go for the premium but I wanted to provide you with a feedback.

I did use many golf apps before ( hole 19, my round pro, V1 game, golf zone & smart caddie, the grint)

The first reason why I tried your app was the compatibility with my Samsung watch.

Your app is sincerely among the best but, from my point of view you are missing 2 things to be The best:

First is hole map view on Samsung watches: as a reference the way Smart caddie app is doing it is the benchmark for me.

Second is stroke gain comparison vs. a selected handicap rather than PGA average. I, for my own benefit, rarely compared myself against PGA guys.

Lastly, a differentiating factor against competition would be automatic shot detection, using watch accelerometer, as no one is doing it on a Samsung watch so far.

I hope this will feed your to do list.

The lack of map on the watch is the only reason why I did not go yet for the premium yet.

I really hope to see it coming soon.

All the best and congratulations for the job done so far.

Hi Roger, thanks for asking We aren't able to share a specific roadmap, however we do communicate upcoming changes with our users via email and social media. Adding a course map on the watch is a very popular request and it's high on our list. We hope we can get it done in 2021.

Agree to right of yardage you should display map of course with swipe option to then see "plays like/club recommendation" info

Would love to hear what exactly is on the roadmap for 2021

Hi Davide - thanks for asking about this. We hope to have this feature in 2021, however, we have a lot of other exciting features and updates we are working on this year. It will ultimately depend on how things go overall. - Cindy

Hi Any update on the above? Thanks.

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Hi Steve - thanks for the feedback and suggestion.  I'm glad you are enjoying the app thus far! This is on our roadmap of possible future features. I don't have a specific time frame at this moment, however. I've shared your input with our team. - Cindy

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