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Posted about 4 years ago by Stephen Moore

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Stephen Moore

I just purchased the premium edition yesterday.  I would like to see the ability for the program to give you your post score (after ESC) at the end of the round so that you can input the correct score into the handicap computer or app.  I would love to see a custom game where you can assign points to each player on each hole.  My buddies play a game where we count the best score on par 5s, the best 2 scores on par 4s and the best 3 scores on par 3s on a hole by hole basis and compete against different foursomes.  If I could input the custom scores for each player on each hole, not counting scores I don't need to. then it would be easy to figure who won at the end of a round.  You might consider putting in your FAQs how to add a player part way through a round.  It can be done but I don't think it is explained anywhere.  

Love the app.  So far it is the only app I have found where I can readily get the app to figure out handicaps using the WHS model.  Coming from Intelligolf which doesn't work with Android 10 anymore but I loved it for its ability to track different games within a match.  I think this app will get there but the scoring on it is much better.   

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted about 4 years ago Admin

Thanks for becoming a Golf Pad Premium subscriber, Stephen! Welcome to the Golf Pad community. :) We really appreciate your feedback. I'll be sure to pass it to the development team for consideration. We are as responsive to user feedback as we can be. We are working hard on getting integration so users official handicap indexes will be automatically updated. 

I'm glad you are enjoying the WHS model - we worked hard to bring that to our users in time for the big roll-out! Keep the feedback coming. We love hearing from you! - Cindy

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