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Ad hoc shot tracking

I would like to be able to track shot distance for only a few shots per round, but in the version I am currently using (15.10) it would appear that it's an "all or nothing" proposition: I either have to track all shots, or none at all. I generally use it in the default non-tracking mode (I am a high handicapper that doesn't strike the ball consistently enough for full time tracking to be useful), but it would be nice to be able to track distance for an individual shot from time to time.

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Hi Stephen Kinney - thanks for your suggestion. As a fellow high handicapper, I can relate! Let me ask...what is your driving motivation for tracking just an individual shot from time to time? What information are you hoping for by doing that but not tracking all shots? You can track your shot distances on one hole, move to the next hole and just use the "quick score" box to enter your score without tracking shot distances.

I would encourage you to track all your shots, even if you are inconsistent. This is what the Golf Pad GPS app is built for. It will help you see where those weaknesses are so you can improve more quickly over time. You'd be surprised how often we think one area is our downfall, but stats show something entirely different. Plus, by tracking all, you'll be able to see how you are improving over time and be able to celebrate your progress! 

You may know you can select "preferences" in the action menu on the main scorecard (three vertical dots)" to set shot tracking, how you want to track your putts and whether or not you enter your club selection at the time you track the shot or after the hole is finished. - Cindy

My "driving motivation" is simple curiosity. Every round, I will hit a handful of shots really well (sometimes TOO well on approach shots lol), and I'd simply like to know how well.

Several years back, I owned a SkyCaddie SG4, and in those situations I simply had to hit a button from where I hit the shot, then hit the button again when I got to where my ball came to rest, and it would give me my yardage for that shot. It eventually died, which led me to searching for an app for my phone instead of buying another SkyCaddie (there are a lot of apps I can use for free, as opposed to the other being a subscription service that wouldn't even allow me to use it for the courses already downloaded unless the subscription was active).

I'm not really using GolfPad as a "game improvement" tool, just for basic scorekeeping and yardages. I generally don't have the time to work on improving my game, so the information that I COULD be getting from the app would be wasted on me.  

On the topic of using the app in tracking mode, and just using "quick score" on holes I don't want to track. This would require that I actually know how many times I hit the ball since I left the tee box, which I usually don't. One of the main things I really like about GolfPad is that I can hit a shot, then tap "+shot" on the screen and move on (the other apps I've tried usually only offer the "quick score" functionality).  I usually don't know what score I had for a hole - unless I played it well - until I've accounted for any chips and putts after finishing on the green (I enter any shots on or around the green all at once after holing out because I generally leave my phone in the cart).

I do actually have another app on my phone that ONLY tracks an individual shot, but I've not been particularly happy with it when I've used it.  It's also a bit of an unnecessary drain on the battery to have a second app running that I may only use 3 or 4 times a round.  It would just be nice to have a function similar to what I used to be able to do with my old SkyCaddie in the same app I use for everything else.

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