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Galaxy watch active 2 club selection

Please can you tell me when I'll be able to input my club selection for each shot through my Galaxy Watch Active 2? I believe this request for this facility has been promised for some time now! I also understand it's available with an iPhone? My premium renewal is in July and if this feature isn't sorted by then I'll be looking elsewhere! Pete 

Doesn't seem to work...Info: samsung smartwatch active 2. Version 15.9.5 on the phone, 5.2.4 on the watch. Track shot distances AND clubs selected in the app preferences.
I've got version 15.9.5 on my phone but the Active 2 version is 5.3.4 so maybe you haven't got the latest version on your Active 2?
Hm, it says it's the latest version in the galaxy store...Did you download your version from somewhere else?
I updated it through galaxy wear app on my phone. Press the discover icon bottom right Then in top watch apps press view more which takes you to the galaxy store. Then in the search bar at the top type in golf pad. This will bring up golf pad GPS.... Click on that. See attached photo's. Hope this helps
Cocked up with the photo's, I'll try again.... Fingers crossed!
Click on the highlighted blue Capture 2020..... to view full screen.
Thanks Pete, very kind of you, got it the first time anyway . But in my Galaxy store it says this is the latest version (5.2.4.). Maybe it's a regional thing, update only available in some countries? Cindy?
You're welcome. I live in the UK where are you?
Whole other region, especially after the Brexit :-)))). Slovenia...
Hahaha, Ok Matej..... Good luck Over to you Cindy!

Petehall19 - thank you for your awesome help here! 

Matej - it's possible the updates may be regional, however, even the version you have should work just fine. 

Have you already read the details about using the feature on Samsung here?  It's probably best to have us open a ticket so we can explore exactly what's happening. I'll get that going for you. You should expect an email confirming this shortly.  - Cindy

All good after the latest update of the app on my LG G8s phone. My Galaxy Active 2 smart watch now has the long awaited club selection for each shot, Brilliant job. I've added three self explanatory pictures straight the watch
Hi there, Is the only way to capture a shot distance on a Samsung Active 2 to play your shot and then select the club then go to your ball and play a shot and select the club used? Does anyone else have a suggestion for the order of capturing club used and club distance?
It works ok on my watch active2. Make sure you have the correct settings on the golf pad app on your phone. The way I've set mine is as follows..... 1...Go to home page in app on your phone 2... Go into settings 3... In settings go into shot tracking and check it's set up correctly 4... Go back into settings to smartwatch sync and check your settings there. The way I've set mine is shown in shot tracking and smartwatch sync photos 3 and 4 and works fine on my watch active2. I hope this is helpful?
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