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Hole Handicap (strokes) visible to the watch

Now when WHS is live it is even more important to know your handicap strokes while playing the hole. They (dots for example) should be visible in the watch

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Hi Jari - thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure our team receives it for consideration on a future update. - Cindy

Every course has a scorecard showing the par and hole handicap, i.e. the #1 most difficult hole through the #18, which is the easiest. As Jari mentioned above, it's necessary for WHS, but IMPERATIVE for us gamblers. Otherwise we need to carry a card with us. I have been using Golfshot, but I am going to give Golfpad a try and will try to give a complete view. 

David - thanks for your input. This is something we are working on. Just looking for the most efficient way to incorporate into our UI. Stay tuned and make sure you keep the app updated to be sure you receive new features when they are launched! - Cindy, Golf Pad

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