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Posted over 4 years ago by Taylor Zoppi

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Taylor Zoppi

Is there any way to import old past rounds into Golfpad without having to manually enter each hole? 

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Charline Avey posted almost 4 years ago

I'm new to GolfPad and found a really fast way to enter previous rounds. 

Start a new round, Use the Tap quick score on the main page. Once you have them added finish round and edit the date.  Now you have a previous round.

Not sure GolfPad could make it any easier.




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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 4 years ago Admin

Thanks for your question, Taylor. We don't currently have an import feature for past rounds, though it's a feature we do have on our road map. For now, the work around would be to manually enter the scores as a new round. The app will generate average distances by club as you play. 


The more rounds you play with Golf Pad, the better stats you'll see. The app will provide insights based on your playing history, course conditions and more.


You can add typical club lengths while the app is gathering data. Visit "Club Recommendations" under Preferences, then "Enter typical club lengths".

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