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Course result is adjusted according to Playing conditions. CBA under EGA or PCC under WHS are missing from the Handicap calculation and lead to wrong HCP calculation. If CBA/PCC option was available to be entered manually, HCP calculation could be much more useful and precise.

Thanks for your feedback.  We don't have the data for playing conditions adjustment, so for now Golf Pad does not apply it. This may result in Golf Pad's handicap calculation not matching the official handicap calculation exactly. We are looking into obtaining playing conditions adjustment data to resolve this.  We'd be happy to add manual playing conditions adjustment in Golf Pad's handicap calculator once we have a reliable way to access adjustment data.

Hi Cindy. Thanks for reaching out In the way I see it, the manual adjustment is needed exactly because access to adjustment data will only be possible after the results are uploaded at player HCP management association. This possibily resulting in deferential between the HCP calculated by Golf Pad and the effective one by the HCP management authority. This would allow Golf pad automatical HCP calculation to be in line with the real values. Currently, if CBA is different from 0 (zero), I need to alter the result obtained in the field so it reflects the final and correct points achieved and uploaded to the HCP management authority, to get the HCP matching the official one. Thanks any way
Hi good morning. Returning to this subject... Now that WHS is implemented PCC is automatically calculated at the end of the day. This, impacts directly in the score differential calculation, therefore in the calculated handicap. When this happens (PCC different from 0) Golf Pad handicap calculation is incorrect. Can we have PCC as a manual adjustment? This would allow to have a correct handicap without having the need to alter the achieved score!

Hi Rui - thanks for this suggestion. We are working on updates to our handicap (or Ability Estimate as it's currently called) calculation in coordination with the USGA. In the meantime, I'll be sure to pass along your suggestion and feedback. We appreciate hearing from you and value your feedback.

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