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re: #82847 Golf Pad Handicap becoming USGA compliant?

With the rollout and GolfPad implementation of WHS, is there any move towards GolfPad becoming a recognized USGA Type 2 or 3 Golfers Club?

Thanks for asking. We're thrilled about the WHS availability just launched for our users. I'm not sure we would ever qualify as a Golfers Club according to the USGA definitions. It's an interesting thought though. Are there features you're specifically be looking for?

The only other feature would be to have the HDCP on the app recognized by the USGA.

Thanks for your feedback. We know this is an important feature our users want. We do too! Unfortunately, it's not easy to look up handicap index by GHIN number through USGA. They do not provide a centralized point to do this and it involves coordination with many regional associations. We will be revisiting this now and hope that things become easier with WHS change. We'll post an update as soon as we have more information.

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