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Saving flag position for the next round

Hi, I know the possibility to mark the flag. But on my home course we have winter greens for or the winter months. So it would be useful to reposition the flag permanently. But I can't find a possibility to edit the hole. Of course I can nark the flag everytime. But that is annoying, and the shown distances on my Galaxy watch are useless. But that's the purpose of the watch and the app.

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I have the same question: how to SAVE the changed position of the flag for the next rounds
I have found it ! Use the option “Course Incorrect”, tee and flag position can be editted and saved.

Thanks for your patience while I looked into a work around for this.  One option is to add a separate new 'winter course' based on temp greens. You can do yourself on Or we can help with that if you can describe where the temp greens are. Just contact us here with the details. 

Ok, i changed the tee and hole positions and they are saved on my iPhone. Can i send these new positions to you, they are reliable. I try to do some research on how i can create a supplementary course “winter greens”

Hi Ipad.wilfried. Thanks for the update. You can send us the details so we can review.  . Just contact us here with the details.  

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