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Update dashboard and more strategy/planning

Think an updated players dashboard would be nice and maybe a way for more pre round planning or course strategy. Maybe a way to make and print out personal yardage book to study the night before or make notes?

Hi Leo. Thanks for your suggestion. In addition to the yardage book and notes are there other specific pre-round planning features you'd like to see? 

Comment obtenir les distances en mètres sur le dashboard ? 

Happy New Year

Hi Marc-Antoine DUBUC - here are the instructions to change Golf Pad from Yards to Meters. Happy New Year to you as well! - Cindy

I also support this addition with

· Player notes entered and viewable hole by hole with an option to view all the hole notes on the one page (and edit?).

· Player notes entered once (allowing editing) and available for all future rounds on the course.



I will also add a request for a note area against the user for the addition of swing thoughts.


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