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Posted almost 5 years ago by Leo Ra

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Leo Ra

Hello. A feature/function that I don’t think would be too difficult to add would be the ability to add a button that will allow us to zoom in and view the green while looking at the map. Thanks

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 4 years ago Admin

Hi Leo - thanks for your suggestion. I'll be sure the team receives it for consideration. You are familiar with the aerial flyover view, correct? It's a nice feature so you can get familiar with the course hole by hole from a birds-eye view. 

Tap on the map icon in the upper right, then tap "fly". 

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Leo Ra posted over 4 years ago


Thanks for the reply.  Yes.  I am familiar with the flyover function.  The feature I mentioned would be a button that when pressed would zoom map view directly over the green for a quicker way to view and/or edit shot locations.  Thanks

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