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While using Android Wear out on the course it would be nice to:

see the distance to my set lay up distances

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Hi Pierre - thank you for the suggestion. I'll be sure the team receives it for future consideration. 

I would like to seeHazards distances on my phone like golfshot does

Roger, you can set a target to find out. But for this topic, distance to lay up should be an option over front/back of green. 

Roger - you can use the GPS feature to see distances to any point on the aerial map.  Here are the details on how to use this feature. If that's not the feature you are describing, please let us know so we can clarify. 

Support the idea to show hazard distances on the WearOS watch, a feature offered by ShotScope

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Hi Nigel - thanks for the suggestion. I've given this to our development team for consideration in future updates. - Cindy

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