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free premium trial

how is the premium free trial

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How can I get a free premium trial, I have used the app already twice and interested in upgrading to premium version.

Hello David and Jaime! Thanks for asking. To get a free trial to Golf Pad Premium, please send your request here. We look forward to hearing from you after you try it out.

Hi Cindy, I click on the link and sign in, but it goes in a loop, how do I sign up for the premium trial? Have tried a number of products over the years with varying success... want to try it this weekend first before committing!

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Can't log in?!? It loops

Thorstein - thanks for letting us know you are having trouble. Please contact our support team with specific details about what you are trying to log in to (e.g. the app or the player dashboard) and what error is happening. We can help you from there. Click here to contact support.

I would like to get a trial premium sign up

Hi Walter. Thanks for asking about a trial.  I will email you directly. 

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