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Samsung S3 Gear

Recently loaded the GP App to my Samsung phone, and I was hoping to use the app yesterday. However, when I linked to my course and opened the app on my smartwatch, my watch showed the following message.... "Please start a round in Golf Pad app on your phone and enable Gear sync in Golf Pad settings." I couldn't find the correct settings to change, and had to play the round using my phone. Can anyone help please?

I am having the exact same problem - and have found no resolution I have uninstalled and installed - upgraded to premium - nothing!

Hi Debra - Premium is required to use your smartwatch, so thank you for upgrading.  Did you follow the steps in this article? If you did, please contact our support team so we can help you resolve it.  - Cindy

Hi Joe - please see this article and let us know if you still need help after following these steps:

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