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shot position request

 You can record that you putted from the fringe.

I would also like to indicate that I chipped/pitched from the fringe.

I generally use my 7 iron around the green. As a result, the stats for my 7 iron are meaningless, as are the stats for any club I use around the green.

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How about creating a special/fictitious "CPFF" (chip or pitch from fringe/near-green location, or whatever you want to call it) club in your Golf Pad app bag, which you could select in those instances while using any club you like -- so your CPFF club stats wouldn't skew your "actual" club stats. You'd have to select this club manually, of course, either on the phone or on a smart watch (if that feature is ever added). But it would not preclude use of TAGS for other shots (if you have/use them), as you would simply not touch the TAG to your phone or LINK device in "CPFF" situations. If you already have 14 clubs in your "real" bag, you'd need to decide which (if any) to leave out of your "app" bag.
You could also choose the "recovery" shot option for this stroke. This would remove these shots from your usual 7 iron stats I I beleive

Keith O - thought of that, but then I would not have stats for clubs used around the green.

W Craig - that would not be an accurate representation of the shot.

Most of my costly "misses" are from around the green (as is the case with most golfers, including the low handicappers). I would like to know which club and what range I am having the most trouble with. I currently use an old technology - pencil and scorecard.

Does not seem all that difficult to add one more choice

You get 15 tags. You can add a "chipper" in your club settings and assign that 15th tag to it. Then just carry that Tag in your pocket for those fringe shots. Now that I  think about it, It might also address my issue of putts from the fringe, which are really chip shots despite the club used, counting as putts in one's overall stats.

Once you add a virtual "chipper" to your bag, instead of carrying a 15th Tag you can just go back and edit putts and others from the fringe and change the club the the "Chipper"

When using the "chipper" (if you have one) or using your putter and changing it to chipper to more accurately reflect the number of putts,  the lie options do not include FRINGE. Can this be added? 

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