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Best ball and Facebook

Can we add a best ball format option under the play types? We need to keep score. Also add the ability in best ball to select ur playing partner who's shot u used. In terms of Facebook it would be nice if you can link your friends you play with to their account so you get an updated picture for them and you and message or post the results of you play. That would also go for using Google or local contacts to sync with the users you play with.

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Hi Bryan. Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions. We'll pass these a long to the development team for consideration. Great ideas! Keep 'em coming. We love making feature updates based on user feedback. 

So I requested this a year ago. The best ball option shouldn't be to bad to add. The integration with Facebook, Goggle contacts would also be great.

Hi Bryan - we've been working on several new features this past year, including standalone watch mode and World Handicap System for 2020 (just released!). I'll be sure to raise this to our team again. We appreciate your input. We have to prioritize new features based on demand and our other long range planning. 

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