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It sure would be nice if the app would scores skins without the carryover. This is s great game, but not the easiest to score. Having the app do it would be real nice. Currently I can only get it to do them with carryovers.

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HI W Craig - thank you for chiming in here. Thanks for being a loyal Golf Pad user and for your comment about group rounds. We've made many updates of late, including World Handicap System support, standalone mode for smartwatches and the ability to select your club right from the watch. We've also just launched a free tournament management software. We want to give our users every tool we can, however, do need to place things in priority based on customer feedback and technology changes. 

I'll check to see if there are any current scoring formats that may accomplish what you are describing. In the meantime, tell your golfer friends (they all use Golf Pad, right?) to express their opinion on Skins too. The more demand we see for a given feature, the more likely we can devote resources to it. In the off chance you have friends who don't use Golf Pad, have them get in touch for a free Premium trial or to download the free version.  - Cindy

It's been two years and this functionality hasn't been added that I can see. It would be very convenient to be able to modify skins since it is one of the most popular games and there are many variations. I would also like to add that the group round feature that keeps track of gross and net games golfers can play against each other is the one thing setting GolfPad apart from its many competitors. It's not very helpful if I can't use it for the games I play though. I would also like to suggest a modification that let's you increase the skins won for better scores, e.g. 2 skins for birdies. Thanks

Hi Randy. Thank you for this suggestion. We love hearing which features our users would like to see added. We'll be sure the development team gets this for consideration! 

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