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Fitbit support

I see that Fitbit wearables are not supported by GolfPad currently. Any plans in the near future to do so? I'm in the market for a smartwatch/fitness tracker and FitBit seems to fit the bill for me. 

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Cindy, I'm not sure how this is true. Strava has a phone app that since with Fitbit and a watch app on the Fitbit. I understand that Fitbit does not make this easy, but I have no don't it could be done.
Oh, and gamegolf supports the Fitbit ionic...just not any watches that rely on phone GPS.

I'm not personally involved in the intracacies of navigating 3rd party integration with different brands. I know some are more open than others. I'll check with the team about any updates Fitbit may have released and get back to you. Thanks! We know Fitbit users are keen to have the option. - Cindy

Update: As far as we know, there haven't been any updates to FitBit SDK, so for now this feature is still on hold. 

I've created a forum post on the Fitbit community site as well to see what can be done here. Feel free to chime in or just follow! This seems really silly to not be able to do in this day and age.

Hi Steve - thanks for helping champion the cause! Looks like Fitbit confirmed what we've found - which is integration just isn't there yet. I know eBay has some offers on preowned or refurbished Apple Watches. Apple Watch 2 or later have GPS. There is now a  Golf Pad Stand Alone option on Apple Watch Series 2 or later. Premium is required for smartwatch sync. If you don't have Premium yet, just send us a message for a free trial. You can read more here: I hope this helps. 

Thanks for being a long time user. It means a lot. - Cindy

Right but the point is to I dunno make the integration happen?!? It really cannot be this difficult. 

Hi Steve -  It has to change on Fitbit's side. It's like when Apple wouldn't allow 3rd party integration with thier NFC readers for YEARS. They finally allowed it in 2018. As soon as that happened, we integrated our Golf Pad TAGS with iPhone. Our team wants to make it happen, just sometimes other companies have different business objectives. We've made our desire known and now, just have to wait and see if they change their policy. I hope that clears things up. - Cindy

exactly so why do you think I posted it there too? Jump on in there and tell them you can help if you think it will matter. The idea is to spread the awareness and make it happen. I don't want to spend 500 bucks on a watch just to use the integration with the app. Fitbit devices are much more affordable and integrate with so many things already. 

Maybe as a developer yourself you can make more specific requests than I would be doing on that forum so have at it. 

Hi Steve - I love your enthusiasm. Personally, I'm not one of the developers, but I know our team HAS had and continues to have communication with Fitbit on the matter. I'll lend my voice to the thread on Fitbit's side too. Thanks for your added effort with this. - Cindy

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