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Shot Type

A feature that allows you to select shot type e.g. Chip. This would stop chips or pitches from dragging your average distances down.

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Thanks for the feedback, Cindy -- you'd mentioned this a number of times in your responses to others in this thread. I think your reply misses the point, however, in the context of the feature requests presented above. It certainly makes sense for the app to exclude long and short outlier shots automatically when the golfer was trying to reach his/her normal full-swing distance with a particular club (150 yards with a 7 iron, let's say). Over time, the absence of the outliers removed by the algorithm would ideally result in a more-or-less average distance for a normal full-swing shot. The issue that I see with applying the outlier algorithm in the context of this thread (that is, to shots near the green/pin) is, however, that it probably does not factor in iron (or even wedge) shots that are almost always hit with a less than (and often much less than) a full swing when the distance to the pin/green is less (or much less) than that golfer's average full-swing distance with whatever club he/she chooses. A 6-iron chip from the green fringe is only one of many examples of such situations, where a 6-foot carry and 25 foot roll to the cup would be of little assistance to the outlier algorithm if the goal of the algorithm is to help figure out a golfer's average distance with a 6-iron. Instead, it could be extremely counterproductive -- particularly if a golfer typically ends up using his/her 6-iron from the fringe as often as he/she uses it during the rest of a round. Bottom line is that I'm not bad-mouthing the outlier algorithm (it's a great tool if used for it's intended purpose). I'm just saying that in the totally normal scenarios discussed here it produces statistically less relevant results when used as it (probably) was not intended. Removing "intentional" outliers from consideration by the algorithm by placing a fictitious club in the Golf Pad app (such as the CPFF club mentioned above) would give the golfer a tool to help overcome the algorithm's only apparent shortcoming. And the best part is that your developers don't have to write even one line of code to fix it. (Now if the outlier algorithm is smarter than I think it is -- meaning that it somehow knows or can learn that the 150 yard hit with the 7 iron mentioned above is that golfer's average distance, and then excludes any 7-iron hit within 150 yards of the green/pin from consideration as a possible outlier -- then I take back everything I said.)

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Keith, the algorithm for auto-excluding partial shots is specifically intended for chips, bump-and-runs, etc. If you track your shots during a round and hit for example a 6i from the fringe, you will notice the shot will be auto-excluded from distance statistics. Here's an article that explains how to check that and how to manually include or exclude a shot from distance stats. The alternative solution you described with designating a special CPFF club  would also work, but it isn't strictly necessary.

Hope this helps, do let us know if you have any questions.

This is an interesting topic. From 100 yards in I utilize 3 different hand positions on my grip, and two different backswing lengths. I would find it useful to record more than one type of shot for each club.

HI Dave Rieberger - thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass it along to the team for consideration. - Cindy

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