Adds to app. (record ball type/brand) (move shot up or down a hole)

Posted almost 9 years ago by Phillip Farmer

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Phillip Farmer

A couple of thoughts for possible adds to the app that came to mind while playing today: 1.) provide ability to record ball brand, model, compression. 2.) stats by recorded ball 3.) provide ability to move stroke / ball position location to previous hole or next hole. Unfortunately, even with the Magellan ECHO watch, I still forget to advance to next hole, although recording shot / ball position has become almost automatic. Currently I have to add a shot, then move it to the correct order, then guess at proper location. If I could move a shot (with its location) to either the previous or next hole, that would take care of a lot of my screw ups.

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Robert Greenfield posted almost 2 years ago

Any update on this request.    Adding ball info as Jeff suggested seems to be a common feature on other apps.    Would like to see this added.

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Phillip Farmer posted almost 3 years ago

Any update on being able to add ball used?

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Jeff hacobson posted almost 4 years ago

This has been a suggesting for at least 5 years. Add a field for golf ball. It would be on variable for either per hole or per shot. The database would need one more field and the screen would need one more field. You enter the golf ball at the first drive. Then it defaults to that golf ball, unless you change it for each shot. Initially, you can just display yardage, but later fades,draws.... Add it now, so when you make further improvements, you already have it in the program.

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