Transfer a hole's information to another hole on the scorecard

Posted almost 9 years ago by Bobby R.

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Bobby R.
Bobby R.

Several times now I have found myself accidentally marking my shots all the way through a hole, only to find out I accidentally hit "next hole" before I started marking it, and was marking the wrong one.

I undo all my shots and manually enter the score in the correct hole, but now all my stats are lost.

Being able to transfer a score in the scorecard view from one hole to another, or to swap, would be really useful if you make a mistake like this.

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Sylvain Petit posted almost 5 years ago

I had the same problem today. I played a 9 holes course and half of my holes were recorded on the back nine. There is no way to select a hole in the app and change it to another. That would be a great feature.

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S. Evans posted almost 9 years ago

I second this.  Sometimes this happens with Golf Tags. This week had my drive on 7th recorded on the previous par 3 6th. This is rare on consecutive holes and I noticed it approaching my ball but was unable to move tagged drive to 7th, so had to delete it and add a drive (not tagged) to the 7th. In the menu with Set Club, Set Position, Move Up and Delete, there could be an option to change hole.  As far as moving ALL shots to another hole (or at least deleting ALL shots at once) that would be a time saver, as with Bobby R's example.  I usually encounter this issue with Golf Tags if I try to play holes out of order. For instance I'll play the 12th after 9th, and I'll manually change to the 12th but the app will stubbornly record those shots as the 10th.  If you don't notice it happening you're forced to manually delete each individual shot on the incorrect hole before recording your score on the correct hole, while losing your stats in the process.  It's frustrating.

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