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Driving Range Feature

How about a "Driving Range" mode. Something simple that you can scan the club you are hitting, hit as many balls as I want, then go scan the location of each of the balls. Either using the same club or an extra tag.

One of the parks I live by has a 175 yard driving range, you have to bring your own balls and pick them up, but its free. I would love to be able and hit full shots with some of my clubs to get correct averages for distances then to have to play 30-40 rounds of golf to do that.

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That's a pretty niche example, but part of the idea I think would apply to all range rats. A little play mode "Hit the Range" could be introduced where a user simply marks the outcome of each shot for accuracy. I don't see how actual distances could be recorded, but who cares. This would also be good practice for NFC taggers to build their preshot routine to include tagging. Maybe at the Range include other items to select like "on/off balance", " fat" "thin" "slice" "hook" pull/push. Using check boxes, let the user select which inputs he/she wants on the UI. This would be cool.

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