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Abiliry to post score to GHIN.

I prefer this app over golfshot, which are the 2 that I have used frequently. I now use golfpad exclusively. The only option that I miss is being able to submit score to GHIN for handicap. Would be nice to have an option to submit the score to your GHIN when submitting / saving a round instead of having to have the GHIN app installed as well. Thanks, Jared

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Thanks for the update on this. Being able to post to GHIN will be a huge value add. It is absolutely crazy that the USGA is dragging their heels on this. If they want average golfers to join regional golf associations, then they need to get with the times and provide people with an actual reason to have a membership. The fact that I have to download some silly app from golf canada just to post a score is ridiculous. I spend more time copying and pasting my scores between garmin, golfpad, golf canada app, and a paper scorecard than I do actual golfing.... :( We are all looking forward to this feature!
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