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Abiliry to post score to GHIN.

I prefer this app over golfshot, which are the 2 that I have used frequently. I now use golfpad exclusively. The only option that I miss is being able to submit score to GHIN for handicap. Would be nice to have an option to submit the score to your GHIN when submitting / saving a round instead of having to have the GHIN app installed as well. Thanks, Jared

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So a small request then regarding handicap as Golf Pad's calculation seems to be pretty accurate...

Can we have the Golf Pad calculated handicap displayed more prominently in the app?  

The dashboard on your website ( clearly displays the calculated index.  

Something similar would be nice to have in the app, right at the top of either the Playing History or Statics screens.

James, this makes sense. We plan a refresh for profile screen, will make handicap index more prominent with that.

Excellent, thank you!

Back on the WHS ... if and when that goes live, will the app use the new format? Or, is this expected to be something that won't be "official" unless we pay extra for it (like the USGA and the GHIN)?

Randy, Golf Pad will compute WHS handicap index based on your playing history, just like it does with USGA, CONGU or EGA handicaps. It's unclear yet if we'll be able to maintain your official handicap card or automatically post scores to your official handicap provider. As more details become available, we'll post them on our blog:

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