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Abiliry to post score to GHIN.

I prefer this app over golfshot, which are the 2 that I have used frequently. I now use golfpad exclusively. The only option that I miss is being able to submit score to GHIN for handicap. Would be nice to have an option to submit the score to your GHIN when submitting / saving a round instead of having to have the GHIN app installed as well. Thanks, Jared

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I agree 100%, this is absolutely a feature that we will be looking to add to the app in the future.

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GolfShot has this feature, and I really wish GolfPadGPS did as well.


As I mentioned above this is a feature we really want to have and one that we are currently working on.

This feature is the only feature that I really miss from Golfshot. I am now using Golfpad with Tags and Link. Link was a bit quirky at first but seems to be pretty usable with version 2. 

If you guys would have GHIN submission, GolfPad would be perfect in my book!

I agree.  Posting to GHIN would be great.

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