Verify NFC is enabled in Android settings: go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > More, tap on the NFC switch to activate it. Then go back to Golf Pad and try scanning a tag again. You may need to restart the phone if it does not work right away.

Note, the location of the NFC antenna varies on different phone models. Please try scanning all around the back of the phone and against the top edge. Once you found the spot with the best scanning range, use it for tagging shots during a golf round.

If you see an error message of "invalid tag", please tap "contact support" when the dialog message appears and follow the steps. This will send us the information we need to activate your tag. 

If you are trying to set up a tag in preferences and it opens App Store, then disable NFC permission on your phone and follow the setting up procedure again. Re-enable NFC when the app requests premission. 

If you are unable to scan tags still, please open a ticket and we'll work with you to get the issue resolved.