*Live Leaderboard is in beta, and will soon be available to all Golf Pad users. 

If you have created or joined a Live Leaderboard you will see a trophy icon on the top right-hand side of the main in-round app screen. This is the trophy menu. 

Options listed in the trophy menu:

  • Scores confirmed and posted to the Leaderboard. If scores have been entered, but not posted, these details will show here.
  • Link to the Live Leaderboard standings page.
  • Invite button to invite any other golfers to join.
  • Link to an article to learn a bit more about Live Leaderboards.

Golfers can also find the Live Leaderboard link in round settings, by tapping on Live Leaderboard, then select view standings. 


Standings will list all golfers in the Live Leaderboard. Golfers can copy the link to this page and share it with anyone they would like to. 

Anyone can select individual golfers to view hole by hole scores.