*Live Leaderboard is in beta, and will soon be available to all Golf Pad users. 

Setting up a Live Leaderboard can be done from the round settings screen, when beginning a round. Golfers will notice a Live Leaderboard option with a trophy icon.  

Step 1: Prior to selecting the Live Leaderboard option check to ensure you have selected the golf course and the scoring mode. 

Step 2: Select the Live Leaderboard option on the round settings screen.

Step 3: Name your Live Leaderboard.

Step 4: Confirm Live Leaderboard settings.

Step 5: Invite other golfers to join your Live Leaderboard.

After you have sent your invitations, close the window displayed above and tap the play button to begin your round.

You can also invite others to join mid-round. The invite button is listed under the trophy icon on the app main scorecard screen.

Learn more about accepting Live leaderboard invitations.