*Live Leaderboard is in beta, and will soon be available to all Golf Pad users. 

When you are invited to join a Golf Pad Live Leaderboard you will receive a message including two links: 

1) Is a link to download the Golf Pad app. If you already have the Golf Pad app proceed to step 2.

2) Is a link to accept the invitation to the Live Leaderboard.

Selecting the link in step #2 will launch the Golf Pad app and ask you to confirm joining the Live Leaderboard.

No - Will leave you on the Golf Pad app home screen.

Yes - Will proceed to starting your round.

Golfers will be asked to confirm name, handicap, and tee settings (for net competitions), if not already saved in the app. Any golfer(s) added to the group will automatically be added to the Live Leaderboard.   

Selecting the Live Leaderboard option when joined, will launch a dialog to allow the user to invite other golfers, or view the current standings. Standings and invite can also be found in the trophy menu once the golfers round has been started. 

Select the play button on the bottom right-hand side to start your round.