What's the difference between Golf Pad Events and Live Leaderboard?

Modified on Wed, 11 Oct, 2023 at 7:10 AM

While Golf Pad Events and the Live Leaderboard feature available in the Golf Pad app offer some overlapping features, they are two distinct products. The first, Golf Pad Events, being an online golf tournament management platform and the other, Live Leaderboard, being a feature within the Golf Pad app. Both are available at no cost. 

Let's dive deeper into each product. 

What is Golf Pad Events

Golf Pad Events is a 100% free golf tournament management platform created from the ground up by Golf Pad. After countless design hours, it was offered as a beta platform in 2022. It officially launched to the public in 2023. 

Golf Pad Events is designed for both small and large golf outings and tournaments. Golf Pad engaged a multitude of organizers in the beta program to provide intense and detailed feedback. As a result, our platform offers organizers a comprehensive suite of tools to plan, customize, and manage their golf events. It’s simple and easy to use, even if it's your first time managing a golf tournament. 

How Can Organizers Benefit from Golf Pad Events? 

Tournament organizers get access to features such as: 

- Custom web page creation for your golf event 

- Easy online registration process for golfers 

- Importing golfer data quickly from past events 

- Customizable golfer pairings and scheduling 

- A variety of competitions and side games

- Printable materials for tournament participants 

Is Golf Pad Events mobile friendly?

Yes! The Events dashboard is conveniently accessible online, so you can manage your tournament from any device – be it a phone, tablet, or PC. 

Does Golf Pad Events Offer In-App Scoring?

Yes, in-app scoring is a standout feature. If you're using the Golf Pad GPS app, golfers can record scores either for themselves and/or for other participants. These scores get automatically uploaded to the respective event, creating a real-time, live standings page for everyone to see. 

What is the Live Leaderboard Feature in the Golf Pad App?

The Live Leaderboard function in the Golf Pad app lets golfers initiate a leaderboard and invite fellow players. These participants don't necessarily have to be in the same group or even play simultaneously. An up-to-date standings page is generated for the golfers, which can be viewed and shared during their round. 

How Does Live Leaderboard Compare to Golf Pad Events?

Though the trophy menu and live standings pages in both features might look alike, they serve different purposes. While Golf Pad Events is more for pre-tournament organization and information sharing, Live Leaderboards allows golfers to create leaderboards on the fly, often initiated right on the first tee. This is ideal for small to medium-sized golfer groups wanting to track and view scores in real-time. 

How Can I Get Started with These Features?

Learn how to setup your first golf event in mere minutes. Similarly, click here to find out how to set up your Live Leaderboard with ease.

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