What is the Golf Pad Ability Estimate?

The Golf Pad Ability Estimate is based on the Golf Pad community scores, course played, and tee selection.  Your personalized Ability Estimate is based on the best rounds from your scoring history, compared against the Golf Pad community average scores.  The result will provide golfers with an unofficial estimate of their playing ability. 

The Golf Pad Ability Estimate is not a Handicap Index and does not use any proprietary WHS formulas.  

Why can't Golf Pad calculate the actual WHS handicap?

The Golf Pad app used to provide an unofficial WHS handicap calculator based on rounds played. The WHS details used, including SLOPE and Course Rating, which is proprietary information of the USGA  and R&A. So, Golf Pad made proper adjustments by changing the calculation to exclude any proprietary information or formulas.

Where can I register for an official Handicap Index?

The Handicap Index is administered by national and regional golf associations throughout the world. As an advocate for the WHS handicap system Golf Pad encourages users to register with the USGA or their golf governing body. Please visit whs.com to find your authorized association by country.