Golf Pad provides intelligent club selection advice, based on your playing history, distance, wind, elevation change to target, current temperature, humidity and altitude, sometimes referred to as "PLAYS LIKE". Just tap the plays like distance on your screen and you will see the details.  Learn more about how the Golf Pad PLAYS LIKE feature works. 

You can find this feature in Preferences -> PLAYS LIKE & Club Recommendations. If you are a new user, this is also where you can set typical club-lengths for Driver and Pitching Wedge while the app gathers more playing history for you. Golf Pad estimates typical distances for all clubs and based on PW and Driver entry. Recommendations are available immediately when typical distances are entered for Driver and PW, and then gradually become even more precise with each tracked shot. Golf Pad gives more weight to recent data, so there is no need to manually exclude older rounds as you progress. Improve recommendation quality by tracking more shots using your phone or smartwatch.

Recommendations are not shown if there's no club capable of reaching the distance. This means it's best to test this feature when you are actually on a golf course.