Golf Pad GPS lets you keep score for 1 to 4 golfers in your group, including strokes, putts and penalties for every player. 


Easily share your scorecard via email or Facebook. Upgrade to Golf Pad Premium to keep score for up to 8 golfers.

How do I add a player? 


To add players, start a round, then click the + symbol at the bottom of the next screen. 


Follow the steps and repeat for all golfers. 


In addition, you can manually enter the handicap index by tapping on the player’s name. 


To automatically compute a handicap estimate from playing history, you’ll want Golf Pad Premium

How do I keep score for multiple players?

Once, you have added all of the players to your scorecard, you can keep score for each player using our Quick Score scoring option. Quick Score allows you to track score, putts, penalties and fairways/sand traps hit for each player.

To access the multi-player Quick Score screen, select the button in the bottom left corner that shows two people.

You will then see the Quick Score screen with each golfer listed, select a golfer, then simply move the score, putt and penalty sliders to reflect each golfer's play. You can also select the fairway and sand trap buttons to show where each player hit their shots for that hole.

Hint: you can swipe left or right to navigate between players while in Quick Score view.