Tracking shots on the phone (step-by-step tutorial with pictures and video)

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Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the Shot Tracking feature on Android and iPhone. 

Golf Pad lets you track the distance and club for every shot, from tee to green. You can see the exact shot distances, review round on the map, share it with friends and get statistics like accuracy, dispersion and Strokes Gained. To learn how to keep score without tracking individual shots, click here. 

You can track shots using your phone or a smartwatch. But for the ultimate convenience we recommend one of our automatic tracking systems, Golf Pad TAGS (Android and iPhone).

Shot Tracking 

Shot tracking is turned off by default. First, enable Shot Tracking from Preferences (gear icon in the upper right) on the home screen. 

Once your round is started, you'll see a screen like this. All your tracking tools are at the bottom of the screen. 

To track your shots for a hole, press the track shot button (highlighted below) before you hit your tee shot.

Next, you'll see a screen like the one below. Choose "tee shot" and club. You can check the box for "do not show this prompt" if you prefer to record your clubs later or if you only want to track your score. If you need to add or edit the available clubs, tap the gear icon in the upper right (or use club settings from the Golf Pad preferences list). Once you finish making changes, tap "Done" to return to the previous screen.

The position of your tee shot is now recorded, you should make your swing and walk to where your ball lands. Once you are at your ball, repeat the tracking process by pressing the track shot button again. You will see a screen similar to the one we started with, the distance of your tee shot will be shown and the beginning point of your second shot has been locked in. You are now ready to make your second swing on this hole. Repeat these steps until you reach the green. 


Configure your putt tracking settings in Preferences > Shot Tracking. You can choose to track location for all putts, first putt only (helps with recording the accurate distance of approach shots), or don't track locations for putts at all (putts will be shown in the middle of the green in map view)

With "track first putt" option the location where the ball landed on the green and first putt starts is recorded. You do not need to be near the ball when adding subsequent putts. The intention here is that you can accurately measure the distance of approach shot, but do not need to bother marking subsequent putts at specific locations on the green. If you want to measure putt distances, you should select the "track all putts" option.

Additional Options

We've added several features to help make tracking easier. Tap the three vertical dots on the lower right to access the menu shown below. Use these as needed throughout your round. For example, 'Stop tracking on this hole' is useful if you prefer to stop tracking for the remainder of the hole, e.g. if you forgot to track a few shots and just want to record the score for the hole.

Setting the clubs used once you have completed a hole

In order to set the clubs, lie types or adjust location for each shot, tap on the blue score box and select 'Show as list' to bring up the shot list screen (below). You will see each of the shots made for the hole and the distances associated with them.


The shot list on iPhone looks a bit different:

As you can see in the pictures above, each shot prompts you to 'Set club'. You can also tap the + symbol to add additional shots if needed. Hold and drag a shot to reorder. Additional options are available from the three-dots menu for each shot. 

When you select a shot to set the club you will see the screen below that contains the clubs you currently have 'In Your Bag'. If you need to add a club, go to Preferences > Club Settings > tap the blue '+' icon in the lower right and follow the steps. 

Once you have selected a club, it will be highlighted in blue. Select the arrow button in the top right corner and repeat this process for each shot from the hole. You can un-select by tapping the selected club.

If you make a mistake while tracking your shots, you can edit your round using the steps here

Shot tracking introduction video

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