Events option missing from main app page?

Posted over 1 year ago by Rob Thompson

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Rob Thompson

Just been setting up my first Golf Pad event, and I can't see any way of linking it to to the Golf Pad app, in the guide it shows screenshots with an Events button below Statistics but I don't have that....

Was the feature removed?

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Jonathan Andersen posted over 1 year ago Admin

Hi Rob, Thanks for giving Golf Pad Events a try! Events has some really cool tournament features and many more exciting additions to come.

For now, the Events button on the app home screen only appears on golfers devices that have accepted/confirmed a tournament invitation.  We are moving towards making this button a permanent home screen option, but we have some supporting functionality and information to test before doing so.

Here is a link to a folder on the details of real-time scoring for Events. Within this folder are supporting articles on sending & receiving invites, viewing events in the app, day of scoring, etc.

Each golfer added to the event with a valid email address will receive a "welcome to the event" email with options to download the app and accept the tournament organizers invitation. This process can also be done by the organizer, in emailing any or all golfers from the golfers list in the Events platform. The invitation link (once accepted) confirms the golfer(s) (by name) in your event with their device, enabling day-of tournament real-time scoring.  When an invitation has been received and confirmed the golfer will automatically see the Events button. This is where all upcoming, day-of, and past events will be listed.

I like to invite new Events users to experience the invitation process, so they can assist any members of their tournament field with questions. If helpful you can share this link on accepting events invitations when emailing your field.

Couple of other details: 

  • The invite links received in the emails are golfer specific, so golfers should not forward these emails to each other. If someone doesn't receive theirs you can always email them directly from Events. 
  • This invite process is a one-time process between golfer and tournament organizer. Once an invite is accepted, all future tournaments (with the golfer in the field) from this organizer will appear in the events list, behind the events button.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any tournament specific questions you have along the way. I'm happy to help.

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