*The information in this article pertains to Golf Pad Events in-app scoring beta program. If you would like to learn more about this please contact our support team.  

Open the email from event organizer

There are two links included in the email sent by the organizer: 

1) A link to the Golf Pad app to download and install, provided you don't already have it.  

2) Once you have the Golf Pad app installed, Select the invite link for the Event. 

Tap the invite link

Tapping the invitation link will open the Golf Pad GPS app, and ask you to confirm you're playing in the Event.

Event confirmation

After accepting the invitation you will receive a confirmation message and can now view the event information.

Following confirmation

A list of golf tournaments you are participating in can be found by selecting the Events button on the Golf Pad GPS app home screen. 

To learn more about your events in the app click here