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Live Leaderboard vs Group Round Thoughts

 My friends and I have been using GolfPad GPS exclusively during our weekly rounds since April of 2020.  This past weekend we were all updated to the new Live Leaderboard.  Our initial impressions were not overly positive:

- Much harder to join, had to send a share link via text, vs being able to join the group in the APP

- Did not figure out how we can view each others scores on a particular hole

- When round ended, could not go back in history to see all of our scores together. Our prior rounds group history was also deleted, we each can only see our historical scores but not each others when we played in a group together.

Please give us the option between Live Leaderboard or the original Group Round, or bring the features of the group round over to Live Leaderboard.  The group round was the biggest reason we originally all bought into the premium level of Golf Pad GPS.

How is everyone else feeling about this change to Live Leaderboards?

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I also miss being able to go back after the round, via the group round link, and being able to see each tracked shot by other players that were part of the group.  Is this possible within the Live Leaderboard? If not, it should be.

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Hi Arturo,  Thank you for choosing Golf Pad and sharing your thoughts on the new Live Leaderboard feature. I'm happy to address your feedback, as well as provide more information on this change.

- At rollout the invitation process is sharing the link via system share. We do have plans to incorporate additional ways to join an active Live Leaderboard so users have more choices.

- The trophy menu allows you to see a mini standing of the golfers in your group and leaderboard leaders. The leaderboard link in the trophy menu or round settings will show complete standings for all golfers, including hole by hole view, or individual scorecard view for any golfer.

- The missing round history you reported was a bug. Our engineers are working on a fix for this and we will make the correction as soon as possible.

Our change from Group Rounds to Live Leaderboards was a planned, necessary change. Live Leaderboards will allow us to expand on this feature in ways that group rounds would not. The Live Leaderboard feature is new and we will be adding additional functionality in future updates. We always listen carefully to user feedback as we consider future development, so please continue to share your thoughts or questions. We really appreciate it. -Thank you 

Thanks again for the follow up.  One other aspect that we miss from the group rounds, is that after the round ended we could click on the group round link where it showed all scores and view each person's GPS tracked shot on any hole.  Is this possible in the Live Leaderboard currently? If not, it would be great to bring back.  Thanks again

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We've been using Golf Pad for years now and struggled with these changes. No ability to change score type was a big loss, as well as the mentioned issues of not being able to see other players tracked shots or scores in the history.

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I really don't like the change.  Add the tournament feature, sure, but to remove the group feature is really a step backwards.  What If I don't want to play a tournament and am just having a fun social round with my friends?  And now looking back through some old rounds the group info has gone from all of them!  AND using the tournament feature links to a browser page so when using the Tags you have to unpin the app just to see the scores, then pin it again to continue using the tags.

This is a really poorly thought-out update.

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I agree with the comments above. The Live Leaderboard feature is much harder to use than the Group Rounds feature and has very little of the capability. My playing buddies chose GolfPad because of the group rounds function and with this feature gone, we are considering looking for a more user friendly app. In addition to the many deficiencies in the feature, it has also lost the option to view playing history details for other players in your group. I vote for Group Rounds to be reinstated, not this poorly thought out alternative.

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I agree with the frustration others have voiced here. This is an application I have paid to use and deserve to receive the value that I paid for. Having the features I find useful removed only to get unfinished and buggy software is unacceptable.

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Can't believe the update has removed group rounds in the app. I 2nd comments above

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Completely agree. My friends and I purchased premium largely for the group rounds functionality and the ability to switch between stroke play and stableford as well as comparing scores. Currently there are better apps that are free. If you're planning to stick with live leader boards is there a way we can be reimbursed for our purchase of premium as it no longer fulfils the purpose for which we bought it.

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Looking forward to the round history bug fix and future improvements to Live Leaderboard. I also loved group rounds, but I am sure the Golfpad team will refine the features in Live Leaderboard and make it an even better replacement.

I'd like to add, I kept score for myself and a friend and we had a live leaderboard with another golfer in our group. My scores and the other golfers scores showed up in Live Leaderboard fine, but the guy I was keeping score for showed up in Live leaderboard but his scores never posted. Hopefully this is a bug that can also be addressed.

Thank you all very much for your honest and direct feedback on the initial rollout of Live Leaderboards. Below are some specific updates on the items and concerns raised:
- The missing playing history was a bug. This has been fixed and is currently available. Please update to the latest version of the app before your next round.
- As for unpinning to view or navigate to standings, we are working on a change that will allow you to see other golfers scoring info without having to unpin the app. 

As always, Golf Pad listens to and prioritize our future changes and features based the majority feedback. That said, we want to avoid removing any features our users enjoy and have become accustomed to. Your feedback on this matter will help us to maintain what was important to you with group rounds, while also allowing us to move forward and grow with increased functionality in Live Leaderboards.

If you notice anything else, feel free to open a support ticket here so we can help. Closing this forum topic for now. Thanks!