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Wear OS, How do I keep Golfpad GPS app open even if the screen times out?

I have Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS installed with latest Golfpad GPS wear os app. During playing golf with the Golfpad GPS app on the watch (already paired with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra app), when the watch goes to sleep mode and after a while, when I wake up the watch, the Golfpad GPS app is not shown, instead the watch face is shown. I have to launch the Golfpad GPS app again from the watch to see the progress of my golf game. Is there a way to keep the Golfpad GPS app always ON after wake up, instead of the watch face (and I have to lauch the Golfpad GPS every time after wake up the watch)? Regards Quan

I am having the same issue, never used to happen?

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Yes. It work ok in the past... always on after wake up the watch. But recently after upgrade to new version, the watch face is shown after wake up the watch. And I have to open the GolfPad app again on my watch every time after the watch waking up. Quan

Thanks for asking about this. 

With Tizen 3 update, Samsung has removed the option for showing the last used app automatically. We released an updated version of the Golf Pad watch app (3.1.4) that works around the limitation. Please be sure to install the latest version of the Golf Pad app on the watch. You can check the current version by opening Galaxy Wearable app on the phone, and going into Settings / Apps / Golf Pad. Make sure you have version 3.1.4 or higher.


With Tizen 4 and Tizen 5, a new option is added to auto-resume Golf Pad. On your watch, go into Settings / Display / Show last app, then select 'Within 1 hour'. That should take care of auto-resuming Golf Pad during the round whenever you look at the watch.


Other options

If you have the latest version of the Golf Pad watch app, but the GPS distances still do not show automatically during the round, you can make it easier to resume the Golf Pad app using home button double-press action. Step by step instructions:

- Make sure Golf Pad app is installed on your Galaxy/Gear watch

- Open settings on Gear/Galaxy watch

- Select Device

- Select Double press Home

- Choose Golf Pad

If you still have trouble, please contact our support team

Hi Cindy, My watch is Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS which run Wear OS (not Tizen OS). Anyway, I've created a support ticket. The support team acknowledged the issue and promised an update of the software soon. Thanks & Regards Quan
Mine is ticwatch E3 I have also created a support ticket and told to wait for a software update.....on other options I can't see any option in settings for select device double press home?
This is s real nuisance, unsure why it has suddenly started happening, I thought it was just me so I'm kinda pleased/not pleased that it's a software issue. Any idea when it might be fixed please Cindy?

Hi Richard - I understand your frustration. I don't have a specific timeline, however it's actively being worked on. If you'd also like submit a support ticket, you'll get the updates as they are available. The team works hard to resolve these bugs quickly. Please ensure you download the updates as they are available. 

Hi. Is there a ticket number or can is there a status update on this? I find it annoying as well. I've had Hole19 and Arccos before and both of them automatically show the rangefinder instead of watch face when woken up. I read the android developers manual and apparently it needs to be added by the app developer:

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