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Temperature adjusted distance?

For Christmas I received Golf Pad Tags.  I’ve been reading in your forums and understand that the “true distance” takes several factors into account when playing.  This made me wonder if there is a recorded actual distance for a shot and a temperature adjusted or normalized distance recorded for shot tracking?  I ask as temperature can vary widely from one round to the next as my 7 iron distance in 40F will be different than at 80F.  After several rounds Golf Pad will establish lengths for each club, so is temperature effect included?  Also, how much does true distance adjust for temperature?  Does it add a few yards if temperature is above a certain number?  Thank you.

Hi Todd. Thanks for your detailed question. I'm getting the specifics from the development team and will post a reply as soon as I have it. - Cindy, Golf Pad

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Thank you. I’m excited to have the Tags after trialing Golf Pad and it will be a great help to understanding my golf.  

Here are more details for you Todd:

1. We record the actual GPS distance of each shot and also store weather conditions for played rounds, so we can show both distances in shot statistics.

2. So yes, Golf Pad includes weather condition changes while calculating club recommendations.

3. We use not only temperature, but pressure and humidity also, but yes,  typically it's +-few yards.

Let us know how you progress! 

Thank you.  That’s neat that you show both.  I played 18 today and I’m amazed at the club recommendations.  We had wind and it was cold to cooler than usual.  Twice I believed I was hitting too much club only to find my ball pin high.  Once I was long, but in the fringe.  The other times it was spot on.  Battery use on phone and watch was Great.  Once I get my clubs regripped I’ll install the Tags.

We love hearing feedback and Golf Pad reviews from golfers who are just starting out with the app! Thanks for sharing. We're glad to hear you are enjoying the club recommendations. - Cindy, Golf Pad

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