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Club Loft

Any plans to add a dropdown menu when entering a new club in the bag for club loft.     I see it exists for wedges, how about adding it to all clubs.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm unaware of a specific plan for this at the moment. I'll be sure your feedback is presented to the team for future consideration. - Cindy

Today I was adding a driver to my bag on the app and I saw that in the "More Details" section, there was an option to add driver loft.   I looked at other clubs and it was not available.    

I'd like to see loft as an option on all clubs.     I find that the loft of my 7 iron is frequently different than the loft of the 7 iron of my playing partners.   Seems each manufacturer vary the lofts.   Not only from manufacturer to manufacturer but even within models by the same manufacturer.   


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Hi Robert - thanks for adding your feedback to the conversation. I'll be sure to pass this along to the development team. - Cindy 

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