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Tagging a club advances to the next hole

Just got my Tags and have them set up and clubs tagged per directions.

Started a mock round to ensure each club is being ID'd correctly that was a success.  The issue I discovered is that each time I tag a club it advances to the next hole.  I

Is there a setting that I have selected wrong that is causing this.

Also any suggesting on best place to carry phone (iPhone) to make tagging clubs easier would be greatly appreciated.  Everything thing I have tried to this point feels very unnatural and nothing like what the videos demonstrate as a simple tap on teh back of the phone.


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I'm glad you are practicing at home! It helps to get familiar. There is a learning curve, as it's new to you. With a little practice, using TAGS will just be a seamless part of your pre-shot routine. 

I think you are only seeing this happen because you aren't actually on the course. When you are there, the app uses GPS location on the actual course. Auto-hole advance doesn't have a setting. It's just built in. 

For users who have iPhone, please note the iPhone NFC reader is located in the top of the phone. I've heard from others that it's best to keep it face out and top up. If you are using iPhone, take a look at this video. It's helpful as you first get started. Learning about Smart Lock and the reminder NOT to press the power button when you place in your pocket is priceless! 

For Android users, it's best to look online to see where your NFC reader is located on your particular model and tag your shots in that area of your phone. 

Just wondering if anybody has the same issue as me. When scanning a club, it adds a stroke to a random hole instead of the hole you are at. How do you lock the app to the hole you are on?

Hi Tony - your scan should add the stroke to the hole you are physically on. If you still have this issue, please contact us here so we can troubleshoot with you. 

I am still having problems scanning a club. The stroke always shows up on another hole. I'm having to move it back to the hole I'm on, wasting time and focus. This is from the scorecard view.
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