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Tip for putters with backweights

I have a couple of Odyssey Stroke Lab putters that have a a weight in the grip end. When I tried screwing in the Tag for the putter it would not go all the way and seat flush. It was quite a bit raised and at first, to insure I would not lose it, I wrapped electrical tape around it but I did not like that idea as it didn't seem all that secure. So I took a pair of cutting pliers and snipped off one thread at a time from the tip until I was able to screw the Tag in and seat it flush with the butt of the grip. It was only two threads in my case so there were plenty of threads left to screw into the grip.

This will only work if the weight is recessed. You will have to decide for yourself how secure it feels. In my case it seems just as secure without those last two threads as any other tag in my bag.

Would it have been possible for you to drill a small diameter clearance hole for the tag screw?
Mike, there is already a hole in the grip just like every other club. With this putter there is a weight inserted in the shaft but recessed. No way I would want to try to drill a hole in that weight if that is what you are asking. As I said, minus those two threads on the screw-in part of the Tag it sits perfectly flush with the grip and feels just as secure as Tags that were fully inserted in every other club.

Thanks for sharing your solution, Phil. This is something that comes up for TAGS users from time to time. Great suggestion! - Cindy

Does anyone have any suggestions for putter grips with the counterweight not recessed?   I just changed to a Super Stroke Flatso grip and the counterweight is flush on the top of the grip so there is no where to screw in a tag.   I guess the obvious answer is to cut the threads off the tag and glue it to the top of the butt but just wondering if anyone has any better ideas.   I tried carrying the tag in my pocket yesterday but it's a bit cumbersome to dig it out with all the other junk in my pocket.

Thanks for asking. Take out the other junk in your pocket....:) I couldn't resist. Attaching the top of the tag is really the best option if you don't want to carry the tag. Our geniuses are working on a solution to this specific issue, but I don't have a timeline. Shhh, that may be a secret. - Cindy

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