Big Samsung smartwatch update!

Golf Pad is now even more useful on Samsung smartwatches! Here's a few things we just added:

- Improved display for GPS distances and current hole number and score, making it easier to see outdoors.

- Additional information like elevation change to target, distances to layup points, current shot tracking distance.

- Mark flag right on the watch or use 'putt out' option to complete a hole score without adding individual shots.

- Use one of three modes for keeping score on the watch: total score entry, track shot location, or track shots location and clubs. Select your preferred mode in Golf Pad settings on the phone.

Swipe left or right to change hole. Swipe up or down or use bezel to show the extra information. Tap screen to keep score. The new features are available on watches running Tizen 4 OS (Gear S3 or newer). Download the latest Golf Pad watch app: version 5.4.4 or later is required.

Version 15.10 of the phone app is required to enable some of these features like layup points. 

We'd love to hear what you think! If you run into issues or have questions, please reach out.

I think I read somewhere that you need to have the watch in standalone mode to use the on-board GPS? 

I also noticed this issue this weekend but don't recall having it before. 

When the watch app bugs out I find a reset of the app from the 'recent apps' typically solves it, if not a watch restart.

Also noticed that my battery is now lasting far longer than it used to... might be better charge cycles keeping the battery healthy(?) I havn't seen an update for the app recently that would explain it. 25% after 2 hours with BT, heartbeat, gps etc. 

Knew I'd read it somewhere :) See Cindy's link above :

wrt/ standalone mode. 

I haven't been using standalone intentionally, but I did notice that I was out of range a few times during a round this weekend - might have even coincided with the GPS loss. Try using standalone only?

Hi Toby and Mike -  If the watch app loses GPS when the phone screen is off, it almost always means that battery optimization apps or settings are on. They turn off location services when the phone screen is locked.  Please check it out in your settings. If you still have trouble, contact our support team so we can help. 

Hi Guys. Bi have been using my Samsung Smart watch Active standalone after starting the round. The Golfpad watch features seem to work well, although I am still only a week into using a watch. However, it does not stay 'locked-on' to the Golfpad app, make it necessary fir me to scroll through 3-4 steps to get back to it. This is almost as bad as staring at the phone screen. Is there something I can do to rectify this? Thank you, Keith
My galaxy watch had a setting where the watch will automatically bring up the last-used app when the screen is activated.... It's in settings somewhere

Toby, that worked.

Thank you,


Great. Perhaps you can help me on some of the other pita issues I have with the app!

I doubt that.

I was thinking if there would be possibility to show last shot distance at the main screen. Its as valuable as last 4 other yardages. Especially in bogie golfer that is looking up his ball in rough and so on quite often :-D

Would be nice to edit lie from within the watch. Sometimes its not recognized well. Especially I never got sand recognized at any of the courses I played so far.

Also one bug. If I choose "Pick up" ball, the last shot is counted as it was holed out so its always dard green on strokes gained statistics, rather than being dark red (like penalty).

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Yes! My previous golf app had this and it would be really useful. I believe it pops up on the screen after you record another shot, but it's too late then. I want to know how far I've hit my previous shot before I hit another.

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