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Manual input of club distance data

Is it possible to manually enter distance ranges for each club in my bag. Thanx Gavin

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This is what concerns me. Nothing is displaying. I don't need perfect recommendations, I'm a relax player just usually guessing anyways.

Hi Cody. I was able to verify that Golf Pad estimates typical distances for _all_ clubs and based on PW and Driver entry. So it will pick a recommendation from all available clubs too. The recommendations are available immediately when typical distances are entered for Driver and PW, and then gradually improved with each tracked shot.

For the latest post - the screenshot shows the user is over 7000 yards away from the flag. Recommendations are not shown if there's no club capable of reaching the distance. You should try again when you are on the course. 

Does this help? - Cindy

When I go to setting all I get is my log in details, I cannot manually set the distances for my clubs

Is there a way to add shots to a round after finishing? I want to add in all of the shots manually by clicking on a map. That would be a great safety net if my battery dies or if I want to record my shots but for some reason I can't use my phone on the course
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