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free premium trial

how is the premium free trial

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Hello David and Jaime! Thanks for asking. To get a free trial to Golf Pad Premium, please send your request here. We look forward to hearing from you after you try it out.

Hi Walter. Thanks for asking about a trial.  I will email you directly. 

Hi Alexander - thanks for asking about a free Golf Pad trial. I'll send it to your email address. - Cindy

Hi Ryan. Your Golf Pad Premium trial is in your inbox now! Thanks for asking. 

Hi Daryl - the trial is in your inbox. :) Enjoy! - Cindy

Hi Cindy, could you also send me the link for the premium trial, i want to test it on my wear os watch. Thank you very much.

Hi Gurpal - thanks for asking about the trial. Please check your email. Reply to the email with any questions. - Cindy

Can't log in?!? It loops

This topic is going to be closed to additional comments. If you want a free Golf Pad Premium trial, please contact us here. This is the most efficient way to get your free trial code. We'll take care of you! Thanks for being part of the Golf Pad community! 

I’ve got the premium account but now it won’t show up on my Apple Watch. It says I need to upgrade to the premium.